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Our Process

Kitchen Spectrum’s managing Director, Baydon Hemi, with 30+ years kitchen and cabinetry experience, will assist you in bringing your interior design ideas to life. He is your main point of contact throughout this process, from the initial meetings, right through to the final sign off. Here is our process and services provided at Kitchen Spectrum.

Our Process: About
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The design and initial meetings

The first initial meetings will be where the concept design is developed. This involves compiling your brief, collecting your inspirational images, examining any sketches or drawings, your budget and any chosen appliances for the job. Discussions on colours, finishes, materials, handles, hardware, benchtops etc. will be made during this time. Further information such as pricing, timeframes and our current work schedule will be provided to you and a site measure is typically required.

As a result, a custom quote and drawings will be created. These will be given to you to examine, query and change. Please note, alterations are best made during this stage, to prevent further costs, delays and design issues later down the track.

Acceptance for scope of works

Once happy with the provided quote and finalized drawings, we need to confirm your project in our schedule. This means you will have to ‘sign off’ on our current quote. From here, a deposit invoice will then be issued. This is typically 50% of the project’s fees. Once the deposit is received, we can then ensure your job is allocated and fixed into our work schedule.


Before work commences, a final site will be done. From here, your cabinetry will then be built and assembled at our factory before making its final destination. During this time, we may ask for you to examine any prototypes, hardware, samples etc. in relation to your project.

Final inspection

Once your cabinetry is fully manufactured, we get you to inspect the final work before its delivery to site. 
After checking our workmanship and your design, another progress payment is issued. This is typically 40% of the project’s fees. Once received, the cabinetry can then be finalized for its installation.


The installation of your project will happen on a predetermined date, as discussed during the final inspection and manufacturing process. During this time we work with other tradesman onsite, such as plumbing and electrical. Although your kitchen or cabinetry may appear installed, the finalization of the works could be dependent on other trades. For projects such as kitchens and bathrooms, the installation and templating of benchtops will also need to be considered for these timeframes.

Final signoff

Once work has been completed and satisfactory we will then issue the final progress payment of 10% to finalise the jobs completion. From here, you have the freedom to love and enjoy your unique bespoke cabinetry made by a highly skilled craftsmen.

Our Process: Services
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